1.8.2 patch notes



It's time for the spring cleaning! Hush nasty bugs! 🐞 
Update 1.8.2 is squashing quite many bugs and stabilizing the game performance. 
Solving multiple crash issues, UI & Overlay troubles, and loading issues for many players in various OS versions and device models. 


1.8.1 patch notes



Time to update, Heroes! The update 1.8.1 is bringing fixes and fine-tuning to various features in the game.

🛠 Ultimate abilities should not crash the game anymore

🛠  Aim assist is now more reliable

🛠  Projectiles should now work smoother

🛠  Many of the UI elements are now in better shape

🛠  Experience gain is working correctly again

🛠  Multiple fixes for the loading issue


1.8.0 patch notes



In this colossal update, we have taken the time to hand-craft the game in response to community feedback and steer the game towards the level of quality we are proud of, and our players can best enjoy the game!
🔹Improved animations for all Heroes, making them look and feel much better!
🔹Balanced progression of stats when upgrading your hero from level to another. Makes the effect of the level ups really significant!
🔹Finally, a lot of new bells and whistles such as FOV changes, new sound FXs and VFXs that make the core gameplay much more fun and rewarding to play
🔹Premium Heroes are here! Go to the shop and take a look at the new premium hero packs and unlock them to get a head-start in battles!
🔹New Battlepass!
🔹Loads of bug fixes aiming to solve the loading issue that some players have experienced!


And much much more! Update the game and check out all new cool content! Feedback is always welcome!


1.7.5 patch notes



In this release, we included a bunch of improvements to make the core gameplay better and more effectively introduce the game to new users! 

 🎮 Greatly improved controls

 🗺 New FTUE flow with the battle pass that introduces the meta gameplay to new users step by step

💪 Hero attributes (damage, ultimate damage, and armour) has been increased by 100% for each level to make the gameplay more exciting

👊 Smaller quality of life improvements such as daily hero upgrade quest, hero managing from reward sequence, and much more with bug fixes! 


1.7.4 patch notes



Are you new to Heroes of Warland? Perfect! Because we made this update just for you! 👊💥
We got quite a lot of feedback about the early game, and how we could improve the learning curve for skills, how to shoot? How to upgrade your hero? So we made all new start tutorial and added Foxhound there to guide you through it! 





  • FTUE path with Foxhound story guideline



  • Minor fixes


1.7.3 patch notes



Spawn Tweak 1.7.3 has arrived to change the game for the better!

Our community wanted to change the respawn system and we delievered 🙌 The new version also allows you to change to a new Hero mid match! 🔁


  • Spawn Protection; now you have 1~6 seconds invulnerability when respawning

  • Switch Heroes, respawn as a different hero during the battle


  • Build stability and crash fixes


1.7.2 patch notes



Polishing pack 1.7.2 has arrived with loads of fixes and polishing!

Big thanks for the active community for bringing many of these issues to our knowledge after the latest release, it allowed us to start fixing the bugs and issues right away! ✨🙌



  • Global chat not working

  • Localization missing for Salv weapon

  • Friend invite via message doesn't  work

  • Old season rewards, a cache issue for old players.

  • Overlapping text once resetting hero power

  • Disbanding party causing issues to enter a battle [Flatfish]

  • Battle Pass Purchase Popup not showing after 3 battles 

  • Clan window having issues with the chat and inviting “can’t invite new members”

  • Local Notification Barrage Issue

  • Recent players shows old and new invite button on top of each other

  • Battle Pass Confirmation Popup Localization missing.

  • Crashing the first battle unable to join.

  • Starter Pack Values Fixed

  • Token Energy Refresh Bug

  • Cancel a IAP takes too long to refresh.

  • Battle Results: Sound FX Added


1.7.0 + 1.7.1 patch notes



Heroes around the world!
Warland is shaking and trembling again with significant changes! 🦾🔥


With the latest updates, we are bringing new features focusing on improving the overall Hero progression experience & Balancing. 


  • Hero Progression, a whole new way to improve and level up your heroes.

  • Boosters, bringing Grenades, Droppable Jump-pads, and Dome Shields to the Battlefield.

  • New UI,  making it easier to navigate between features and simplified player experience.

  • New Loot System, allowing players to get more from a single chest and better rewards for some chests!

  • New Store, an easy way to get both free and special offers.

  • Battle Tokens, enabling you to unlock Hero Outfits, PowerPoints, Weapons, Insignias, Boosters, Coins, and Gems for free.

  • New balancing for new Hero Progress skills! 

  • New layouts for many visuals!



  • Recoding and Optimisation.

  • Gameplay Performance

  • Netcode Fixes. We hope you enjoy the new update, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

  • A lot of Backend, client and database configurations to ensure better experience!


1.6.4 patch notes



❄️🎶 Jingle shells, jingle shells, Ready up for the 1.6.4. Winter update! 🎶❄️


This update will bring you all new winter battle pass with six new hero skin and six new weapon skins!

We also added a new feature, friend invite! Making it easier to invite people to your clan or friends list, and to team up for the matches! You can also see the latest match players and invite them. 

And what's an update without loads of bugfixes! 😏


1.6.3 patch notes



The new update is here, and you know the drill! Update and get on gaming! 🔥🔫

Update 1.6.3 is introducing the daily reward for you to gain some free loot as a reward for your activity! And additional bugfixes, of course! 


1.6.2 patch notes



1.6.2 Update arrived! 🎃

Update now to see a brand new Tier 31 in your Battle Pass! 200 Gems for the free pass and Foxhounds Oozing Halloween skin for the Premium Pass! 


With the update, we also added a new limited-time Premium Pass Offer and bug fixing for Projectile Damage & iPad Touch Controls Issues.


1.6.0 patch notes



Update 1.6. came out to end the summer vibes, bringing new Battle Pass with Halloween goodies! Battle Pass includes two tracks for players, a free and a premium one to choose from. All heroes got new skin to gain as well as the guns too! 

Battle Pass, Season One!
Play online matches to tier up and unlock 30+ Unique Rewards only found in Battle Pass.



  • Map Performance Optimizations.

  • Hero Animations Updates.

  • Netcode Fixes.

We hope you enjoy the new update, and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!



1.5.5 patch notes



With this update, we focused on our funnel and the ability to bring out updates faster to all platforms. While improving a lot of essential parts behind the curtains that players may not see, we also added some visible fixes and improvements that you can feel while playing  - This means that the gameplay experience is now more reliable and fluid!


    •    Last days to enjoy the Free Summer Pass and win the prizes!
Summer pass is a progression and reward system by winning matches.

    •    Bug fixing

    •    More immersive Gampley Visuals feedback

    •    Netcode systems improvements

    •    Memory Consumption improvements



1.5.4 patchnotes



This update is a fairly small one, pushing some bugfixes, addressing issues with gameplay positioning, synchronizing issues and improving some Hero ultimates 💪
More to come out soon! 👀


1.5.3 Patchnotes



Update 1.5.3 arrived with all new ALPHA feature for you to try out!
All feedback regarding the new feature is more than welcome so hit us up with a message on social media, join our Discord or send us old school feedback!


    •    ALPHA FEATURE: Third person view!
Switch to third-person mode, view your hero front and center in this fast-paced gameplay!

    •    The summer pass keeps going!
Free summer pass, a progression and reward system by winning matches. Up to 30 prizes!




  • Net code fices 

  • Respawn to battle issue

  • Memory consumption improvements


1.5. & 1.5.1 Patchnotes



The Summer season has arrived! Enjoy the sunny heat with our





  • Free Summer Pass, a progression and reward system by winning matches. Up to 30 tiers & Rewards!

  • Battle bonus, at the end of your match you can watch an Ad to get an additional reward!

  • Summer chest containing 12 legendary items, six outfits & six weapon skins!

  • Reconnecting, you can now reconnect back to the battle if you lose your connection for some reason!

  • Improved bots!

  • Better balancing with cards as you now have first level cards right on!




  • Net Code Optimizations

  • Movement animations fix es

  • Huntress Zoom-scope fixed

  • Language Localization updates


1.4. Patchnotes



We at Nitro Games have been busy behind the scenes working on a HUGE new update, which we have named “Update 1.4”. It is designed to be a foundation for the game moving forward, a new standard for Heroes of Warland, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed the update is now LIVE! Here’s what to expect in this new update:




  • All Heroes have been given an extreme makeover, with new Skins to match!

  • Weapons have been fully redesigned, with new Skins to be equipped!

  • Hero Balancing has also been adjusted with their new look!

  • Foxhound fires slightly faster, with slightly reduced damage.

  • Huntress fires much faster but also does reduced damage.

  • Big Deal fires faster but also with reduced damage.

  • Radio doesn’t throw grenades anymore and instead fires magical projectiles.

  • Utility Abilities have been completely removed, and Ultimate Abilities have had a full redesign!

  • Ironsights now creates additional guns for double damage!

  • Foxhound fires explosive shotgun rounds!

  • Huntress fires a powerful laser!

  • Big Deal creates a demonic version of himself to charge his enemies!

  • Salv now fires 6 missiles in quick succession!

  • Radio charges a huge particle bomb and hurls it at his enemies!

  • Compensation for Utility Ability Charges is attached to this message.

  • Hero Cards have seen a big redesign!

  • Heroes now have 9 Cards to use, which are immediately equipped when they are unlocked.

  • These Cards are obtained from Chests as before and are upgraded in the same way.

  • All Cards that have been removed will be reimbursed, you should find your compensation attached to this message.

  • To help get through upgrades, duplicate Cards can be bought with Gems for Cards you already own.

  • Hero Animations have been redesigned and changed to reflect the new style.

  • Brand new VFX for Shooting and Abilities have been added.




  • Full Shooting Rework using the brand new NG FPS System.

  • Improved Hit Detection to make weapons more accurate than ever!

  • The Nine Hangar has had a huge visual overhaul, along with major optimizations to improve performance.

  • Fixed a collision issue in Airfield that gets Players stuck.

  • Smoothed out the Jump Pads and made them more consistent.

  • Fixed the Lobby issues, making it easier and smoother to play with your friends in a Clan.

  • Bullet Tracers are now much more accurate.

  • Improved the Battle HUD to show information more clearly, such as Score, your current Health and your available Ammo.

  • AI Bot Logic has been completely overhauled.

  • We’ve decreased the length of time it takes to get into a Battle.




  • Full UI Redesign with brand new UX Flow and Panel Animations.

  • Made changes to the Clan Menu (the old Team Menu) to make it easier to view all the information and invite Players to the Clan and to your Lobby.

  • Chest Opening has been streamlined with brand new Graphics!

  • Improved the Daily Quest system to make it easier to understand.

  • The in game Inbox System has been improved.



That just about covers it.
We’ve been working so hard on this and we’re pleased to be able to share all our work with you, the best community in the world! Please get in touch with us with your thoughts and feedback on this update, tell us what you like and what you hate! We truly love going through all your feedback, and we really hope you enjoy this new update.