We love interacting with our community and want to offer many great assets for your use to show love and support for us and to the whole community! We have collected the most popular and useful things like music, characters, wallpapers, logos, etc. into this awesome media kit megapack for you! 

You are free to use these assets in so many ways, yet there are some guidelines we have to set to make sure that everyone stays happy and does not hurt copyrights, trademarks, our brand nor anyone’s feelings.


We highly encourage you to share your awesome works with the players and our development team, for example in our Discord server #sharing channel! Also feel free to join #creatorlobby to chat with other creators about the best tools, growth hacks, resources and much more! 



We are always looking for new talents and awesome people to collab with! If you feel that your target audience would be a perfect fit for Heroes of Warland, don't hesitate to drop us a message. 


We would love to hear more about your work, for example in what platforms do you play/stream or send videos to? Or maybe you would like to organize a tournament and would need a helping hand with the tournament, where would it be held and what is the estimated visitor amount? 


The more information you can share, the better idea we will have on what kind of sponsorship we can arrange with you or your agency! 



Join our almighty and powerful group by becoming an ambassador of the Heroes and Warland. A true Hero protects and helps the noble cause of HoW community.


What type of Hero would you be?


- Feeling artistic? Express yourself by creating fan art, videos, or something completely new and post it!

- Feeling social? Be active, engage others, make posts, spread the glorious news about HoW's existence in social media or inside the game through our Social feature for example.

- Feeling protective? HoW is here for the community, so it's important everyone can feel welcomed and safe in the chats and the game. Together we can keep the spirit on the right path. Say NO to bullies!


You will be granted the title of the Hero by accomplishing these types of missions and getting an invite from us. 

Heroes are an amazing extension and help for Heroes of Warland community team and will receive lots of love and grateful thanks from the Nitro Games team.

In addition, we know that keeping the community happy, little goodies and loots are in order as thanks for the active Heroes! ;)


Herosquad is currently an exclusive group inside of the Heroes of Warland community. You can get an invite from Nitro Games community team, or if you have done something extraordinary for the good cause of the community, and feel like you should be part of this, you can always hit us up in our Discord Server and we will check if there's currently room for you!