Welcome Hero! This page is dedicated to the hand-picked group of Heroes, The squad. The crew. The HoW family. The ambassadors of the Heroes of Warland. 


You are here because the community & HoW team is highly appreciating your efforts, helping hands, your content creation or maybe just your personality and sense of humor! In other words, You bring something valuable to everyone in the community. Thank you!

We do not request xxx hours of work, weekly reports, spending real money on purchases or anything like that from herosquad members. Just be you as you are with the skills that made our team reach out to you or your passion to join us <3 

We aim to keep Hero Squad very casual, fun and easygoing, so please respect each other and have fun!

Our only rules are; don't be douche, realize that sarcasm doesn't always work well behind the screen and when criticizing, do it with the constructive matter. 


If you already got accepted to the squad, you will soon get an invite to the secret HEROSQUAD channel at our Discord server if not already!
Come say hi to everyone :) Now scroll down to see what this is all about!


If you’d like, you can support the game easily with small actions like checking out our Social Media channels and following us! <3



Hero Goodies and Loot!


Heroes are an amazing extension and help for Heroes of Warland community team and will receive lots of love and grateful thanks from the Nitro Games team. In addition, we know that keeping the community happy, little goodies and loots are in order as thanks for the active Heroes!


As a member of Herosquad, if you haven’t received a Heroes of Warland merch before, send Bandalf PM in Discord and we will ship you out a Merch bag! (As long as we have these stocked!)


  • Heroes of Warland T-Shirt (Only A few left!)

  • Heroes of Warland Backpack (Out of stock!)

  • Heroes of Warland stickers (Out of stock!)

  • Heroes of Warland Popsocket (Out of stock!)

  • Finnish Candies

  • A personal note from the NG team, signed by A personal Bandalf of course!


Every new Hero joining our squad will also receive some in-game goodies!


  • 3 x Gold chest

  • 100 gems & 300 coins

  • 1 x ALL Hero chests


In some super rare cases, we might need extensive help from Hero or two and will hand out something extraordinary for the extra effort, like DGD’s special skin for example. These requests are always sent by Bandalf.
In case if we approach you with a special request, you may of course decline, these opportunities comes and goes and we do realize that everyone has their real life with different situations and interests to handle as well! :)

Hero possibilities and responsibilities!


Heroes come in many different forms, sizes, looks, skills, and abilities. While some may just have fun in the chat, a few may want to moderate the community. It's enough to be who you are and help the community, but you can always apply for special rights like being Discord moderator! 

So how does Herosquad member get the rights and access for mod jobs?
Just send Bandalf a note, and she will organize it.


Accepting any mod rights, you agree to follow and respect the community rules and never to use your powers for your self-interests that could hurt or be unfair for other players or Nitro Games brand. 



Heroes can become moderators in Heroes of Warland Discord channel. This means overseeing the discussion, starting up topics and alarming the admins if needed.


Moderator rights in Discord:

  • Kick & Ban, mute and deafen or move members

  • Create instant invites, change nickname, manage nicknames, manage emojis, manage webhooks

  • Access to secret channels

  • Attach files, embed links, mention everyone, use external emojis, add reactions




Playtesting! As you might already know, we cannot always share release dates or hype about updates due to Nitro Games being publicly listed company - but whenever we can, we wish to organize playtest with the squad. 


This means that you will get a download link for the unreleased development version of the game and can play with devs and other squad members. Playing dev build of the game won't gain progress or XP to your main account.
You can goof around with all the skins, max out cards, give all chests and rewards in the dev build :) 


Expected from playtesters:


  • Bug reporting; explaining where and how did you encounter the bug

  • Feedback about the feature(s) you are testing 







Maybe your life status changed and you no longer have time to moderate the forums or it just wasn't for you.
Maybe you are going for hitch-hiking for half a year. Or studying. 

These, and any other reasons to take a break or shift your responsibilities is more than ok!

We get that there's life outside of the game as well! :)  



If you wish to leave from the Hero squad and/or from the game for good...

... we can't keep you here forever! We would love to, but if you really wish to quit, we will be missing you and you are always welcome to join back <3


Just send Bandalf a PM in Discord or email and we will make sure to respect your choice and remove the title and access to certain systems.